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Digital Printing VS Litho Printing

Litho and digital printing are very different as litho printing uses wet ink and printing plates; whereas only some digital printers use ink and others use toner on a press, which is similar to how an office printer works. Both printing techniques have pros and cons but are very different to one another, so choosing between the two can be difficult.

Print Quality

Print quality is extremely important, especially if you use printed products for marketing. When it comes to comparing both printing techniques, traditionally litho printing produced products of a higher quality than simple digital; however, with new technology, it's tough for the average person to see the difference in quality between both printing techniques. Litho printing is the better choice of printing technique if your design requires a lot of large blocks of solid colour, as the colour will come out a lot smoother compared to digital printing. Especially when using a super-sophisticated drying technique like LED UV, of which B&B were one of the first in the country to install. Between both printing techniques, the finish of the print is also very different; when it comes to litho printing the ink used soaks into the paper, whereas with digital printing the ink sits on the surface of the paper. This means that the same image could look different if printed by litho and digital printing. When it comes to printing onto different types of paper such as textured and coloured, litho printing is the better option; however, there isn’t much difference between the two when it comes to printing on glossy, silk, or uncoated paper, as both techniques offer a good coverage and a high-quality print.

Litho Printing Vs Digital Printing

There is no specific printing technique that is better than the other, as it all depends on what you are printing, how many prints you need, what level of quality you need, the material you’ll be printing on, how quickly you need the prints, if you need personalisation, budget, and so on. Digital printing is cost effective when it comes to printing a few prints whilst litho printing, even though you have to pay for the setup, works out cheaper if you are printing large quantities of prints. Litho printing is the better quality method when using textured paper and when the design requires a large colour block coverage. However, when you are printing on a more typical stock, the quality between the two printers isn’t noticeable. When it comes to choosing between digital and litho printing, you need to take these factors into consideration such as the quantity of the print, the material you want the print to be printed on, your budget and the design you are wanting to be printed as both printers have their pros and cons and certain aspects of the factors you need to consider.

Business Cards

There are lots of different types of Business cards but keep in mind there are a difference in Price. You can also choose between Single side or Double Side.Full colour or Black and White


Uv gloss Front 

Matt with Spot Uv

Round Corners 

Round Corners with Spot Uv 

A4 Flyers

A4 Flyers is 210mm X 297mm and it can be printed on any type of paper Gloss, Matt or even 80gsm bond. Single side or Double side.

A5 Flyers

Most people prefer the A5 Flyers it is 148mm X 210mm and it can be printed on any type of paper Gloss, Matt or even 80gsm bond. Single side or Double side.

A6 Flyers

A6 Flyers is 148mm X 105mm and it can be printed on any type of paper Gloss, Matt or even 80gsm bond. Single side or Double side.

DL Flyers

DL flyers can be in 2 ways it can be A4 Folded into 3 or it can be just Double size but the size is always 99mm x 210mm this is usually used for Tourism orust to advertise a product.

Books (Perfect Bound)

Perfect bound Books are a very nice Books it is mostly used for a Catalogue or A5 Diaries

Books (Fold and Staple)

Most people print books for school or a company profile and can also be in different ways like A4, A5 or A6 size and also the paper can be different from the inside

Wire Bound Books

Wire bound books are mostly used for Note books or for Company Profile and can also be A4, A5 and A6 size

Company Folders

Company Profiles are often used for companies who has many Functions and way to advertise your business in a professional way with more place to put some Flyers or a Business cards inside


Let us design and pr your Invitations for your wedding or your Big Party there is a big variety of paper and styles we can do


We can print your own personal envelopes Any size

Paper Posters

We can do the following sizes A4,A3 A1 and A0 it is printed on 170gsm poster paper

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