Shark-Fin Flags

Drazco Creations manufactures shark-fin flags in two sizes, 2m and 3m in height. We advise not going for anything larger as they become to big to be practical. We also only supply our shark-fin’s double sided as we believe it is important that it can be read properly from both sides, it also strengthens the print to prevent fraying in the wind. This printed fabric can be easily folded when not in use and then just slides onto a compact pole when in use. When used for outdoors a spike is included but when there is no place for a spike eg. indoors, an additional cross base is needed.

Banner Walls

Easy to setup and Compact to store. A wall when there isn’t one. Coming in a variety of sizes, our bannerwalls are a great option when you need a piece of self standing advertising that is larger than a pull up banner. Commonly used at events, where a backdrop is needed to take photographs in front of, in other words the paparazzi love them. Expos are also another popular use for bannerwalls, where a false room or wall is needed to be created. Our banner walls are printed beautifully in full colour and all our stands are made of aluminum for strength, weight and durability. Our frames do come with a warranty.

Snapper Frames

A great way to secure your posters If you find yourself often putting up posters but they either get taken or just fall off. Drazco Creations highly recommends you get some strong snap frames to house your, need to be read, message. Snap frames come in variety of sizes to house posters with a size A0, A1, A2, A3, A4. Our snap frames include a clear plastic sheet which gets placed on top of the poster when putting it in. This plastic sheet helps protect the poster. To secure you frame to the wall all you need is a drill and maybe a level if that is important to you. We even know of some clients who just stick them on the wall with double sided tape because the snap frames are fairly light however we do recommend the good old fashioned way if you are allowed to make holes in the wall. Often used in malls, bathroom advertising and pretty much everywhere they are needed.

Unbrella Printing

Whether you own a small coffee shop or a large restaurant, we are sure your customers will love sitting under some shade especially on those roasting summer days. And if they are sitting under a printed umbrella, why not make sure the umbrella printing is of your brand. Our umbrella’s only come in one size and that is 2m wide and they stand about 2.4m high. A nice new heavy concrete base is required if you do not have an existing one to put your new umbrella in. A strong and durable aluminum frame holds the print on securely. Like other umbrellas, they can be put own when the wind picks up or when the sun is not present

Pop up Displays

It folds away into itself A pop up banner from something so thin A pop up displays banner is a clever new take on the classic a-frame. Has been around for a couple years but we just like to take note of its quirky character. We supply our pop up displays in a thin circular bag which in turn forms part of the base of the product. It is extremely light weight and is easy to setup and take down. Our pop up banners come in two sizes, a 1.6m x 0,72m and a 2m x 1m. Beautifully printed on a durable fabric, we also include pegs in the kit.

Telescopic Flags

One of the proclaimed first self standing outdoor advertising flags. Telescopic flags have been around for a while and for good reason. We at Drazco Creations like the telescopic flag, which comes in two sizes – 3m and 4m high. All our telescopics come with a double sided print as we believe it is important that you can read the flag properly from both sides. The beautifully printed fabric can be easily folded when you need to store it and then just slides over the sturdy pole when in use. The pole comes in two to three pieces for ease of transporting. The included spike will come into great use for outdoors but an extra cross base will be needed there is no place for a spike.

A frame banner

Our a-frames come with full colour digital prints and are available in two sizes, 3m x 1m and 2m x 1m. The frame itself is made from a strong and durable aluminum which should last you many years. When the print gets old or you want to change the display, no need to order a whole new system, just order some new banners for your existing a-frame. The stand can be packed away fairly easily and the banner can then just be rolled up. The a-frame banners are printed in full colour and are sewn with velcro or plastic clips for easy attaching.


The Printed Gazebos frames are strong Includes pegs, a hammer and bag. Also warranty. If you are planning on being outside in the harsh rays, you definitely need one of these printed gazebos. Our custom Gazebos are a great way to stay cool and advertise outdoors. Drazco Creations offers various sizes in gazebo. There are two kinds of frames to choose from, an aluminum and steel. Both frames are heavy duty, strong and thus come with a warranty. Our printed gazebos are easy to setup and take down, not too much of a handful to transport either. The top is printed on a durable fabric in full colour.

Vehicle Magnetics

Drive and advertise. An extremely popular product car magnets are Ah, the vehicle magnets. These were a great idea by whomever invented them, unfortunately it was not us but we thank them anyway. A car magnet is a great way to advertise on your vehicle, and why not, you drive around all day. Why not use that time driving as another way of advertising, with traffic these days, I’m sure a lot of people will see them. Car magnets come in various sizes and we recommend you double check your car door before committing to a size. When you want your car back on the weekend you can simply just remove them

Pullup Banners

Our Executive PVC pull up banner (also known as a roll up banner) is an extremely useful marketing tool for businesses or personal use. Our textile pull up banner is the perfect high for impact portable branding solution for a variety of situations. Complete with Bag 850 x 2000 mm. The main advantage of a pull up banner is that they are extremely compact and ideal for travelling as they are exceptionally easy to transport.

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